Cheesy Marble Potatoes

Serve these  marble potatoes with Cheese as a side dish.  Surely, your kids will love this, so will you!  ♡ Cheesy Marble Potatoes  (Marble Potatoes with Cheese) 1/2 kilo of potato marbles, boiled or steamed until tender 1 tsp cooking oil 1/4 stick butter 1 Tbsp all purpose flour 1 cup milk 1/2 block of cheese, grated Salt and pepper […]

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Chorizo Pasta Soup

My daughter requested that I cook the soup with milk that her Lola used to cook for her when she was younger. I just made used of the ingredients that is in my pantry and came up with this Chorizo Pasta Soup.  Hope your kids like this as much as my daughter did. Chorizo Pasta Soup Recipe 1/4 cup Spanish Chorizo, […]

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