Well, this is the last of my anniversary blog series on comfort foods but definitely not my last blog. Who is not a fan of the Barbecue Chicken? It is an all time favorite here!  I remember enjoying Aristocrat’s barbecue chicken with java rice and the place would be full of people waiting to seated. I still order it every now and then.

This barbecue chicken recipe is so easy to prepare using the store bought Mama Sita Barbecue marinade. The barbecue marinade can be used for pork barbecue as well. Using a ready made mix makes the preparation easier and faster, and I assure you, it tastes good too! Like any other barbecue, barbecue chicken is best cooked over the charcoal grill rather than stove-top grill or the electric griller. Charcoal-grilled gives that smoky and barbecue-ish taste that makes the food smell good and delicious.

If you want a hassle-free barbecue chicken, try this recipe.

8 – 10 pieces chicken parts (I use chicken drumstick)
1 bottle Mama Sita Barbecue Marinade
Banana Ketchup
canola or vegetable oil

Put chicken pieces in a zip lock bag, pour enough barbecue marinade over the chicken. Marinate for at least an hour or 2 inside the refrigerator.
Prepare the basting sauce by mixing Mama Sita Barbecue Marinade, Banana ketchup and a little oil in a small bowl. Blend well and set aside, to be used when grilling the chicken barbecue.
Prepare the griller. Grill the chicken barbecue over low fire so that chicken will be cooked all the way through. Baste the chicken every so often with the basting sauce.
Remove the barbecue chicken and put on a serving dish. Best served with your favorite side dish and of course hot cooked rice.  Enjoy!

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