Turon (banana lumpia)  has always been a favorite Pinoy merienda (snack) treat. Not only is Turon healthy, it is quite affordable and easy to prepare and cook. In fact, it is a regular street food and in eateries and canteens near schools and even offices, the Turon (banana lumpia) is a main stay in their menus. Everybody loves Turon! I can’t think of a Pinoy who does not eat or like Turon.

Turon is similar to a spring roll (lumpia), Instead of putting veggies or ground meat or fish to the thin egg wrapper, we put saba bananas instead. Turon is more appetizing if there is a slice or two of ripe langka inside. Some put grown sugar inside the wrapper with the bananas, which gives the Turon a sweeter taste. Turon (banana lumpia)is best deep fried, which gives it its crunchy texture. You can make turon in different sizes. I used to make mine small like a cheese stick or what we call mini turon.. But the ones you will see being sold in the streets and food stalls in Manila is the standard Turon size which is about 10 inches in length.

Here is how you prepare/cook the turon:

TURON (Banana Lumpia)
12 pieces saba or plaintain bananas
12 pieces spring roll (lumpia) wrappers
12  pieces of ripe langka (jackfruit), sliced lengthwise
Some brown sugar
Canola oil for deep frying

Slice the bananas in the middle, lengthwise. Place 2-3 slices on  the lumpia wrapper, add slices of langka and sprinkle some brown sugar on the bananas. Roll, fold the sides and seal the edges using water as paste.  Heat a pan with the canola oil. Once oil is hot, put the turon and fry until golden brown. Renove from the pan and drain on paper towels. Serve the banana lumpia while hot and crunchy.

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