Onigirazu is a Japanese rice ball or onigiri, but instead of having a ball-like shape, it is rectangular.  Onigirazu is also referred to as Musubi. I was introduced to this Musubi and Onigurazu in Hawaii, and I was so amazed at how a simple dish with simple ingredients can taste soooo good.  The Onigirazu that I was able to taste then was the Spam/Egg Omusubazu which has spam, egg, lettuce and mayo.

Unlike the Onigiri, Onigirazu does not use the traditional fillings. In fact, you can use any filling you want –  there’s Bulgogi, BLT, Spam, salmon, etc. This gave me an idea to try using adobo as filling for my onigirazu.   To make the Japanese rice sandwich even more tastier, I added pickled cucumbers and some lettuce leaves. You can also add tomatoes, egg or salted eggmor other fillings that goes well with Adobo.

Like the Spam Musubi, Onigirazu is a convenient food to take anytime, anywhere. I made a bunch of this for my kids’ lunch in school.  It is so convenient because you don’t need to take any utensils to eat this.

Excited? Get your ingredients ready and let us start making Adobo Onigirazu!



Cooked pork adobo, shredded ( you can also use chicken adobo)
Pickled Cucumbers
Lettuce leaves
Cooked Japanese Rice
Nori sheets

For the Pickled Cucumbers:
Cucumbers, buy the long slim ones
Salt and Pepper

Wash and slice the cucumbers into thin round sizes.  Set aside.  In a bowl, combine the vinegar, and add salt, pepper and sugar according to your taste or until you get the sweet, sour and salty pickle solution that you want.  Mix well until dissolved.  Put the cucumber slices into the vinegar mixture, mix making sure the cucumbers are drenched into the mixture. Cover the bowl with cling wrap and set aside inside the refrigerator.

Preparing the Cooked Adobo:

Shred the pork adobo, pour over some of the adobo sauce into the shredded pork and blend well.  Set aside.


Layout some cling wrap on the table. Place the nori sheet. Using a molder, put the molder on top of the nori sheet , scoop 2 Tbsp rice inside the molder, flatten the rice, sprinkle a little salt on the rice. Put the other ingredients on top of the pressed rice layering it as follows: shredded adobo, pickled cucumbers, lettuce leaves,  2 Tbsp rice, sprinkle some salt on the rice. Press the layered ingredients using the mold presser. Remove the assembled rice from the molder, wrap it with the nori sheet. Then wrap with the cling wrap plastic. Let sit for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, slice the onigirazu in the middle using a sharp knife. Wrap again with cling wrap after cutting the onigirazu in half.

Do the same thing to the remaining ingredients.



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