I have discovered the Spam Musubi in our recent vacation in Hawaii. We had to leave early for a trip and to save on time, my brother stopped by a small Japanese restaurant to buy Spam Musubi.  That was the first time that I saw a different kind of sushi.  There were other variations, like the spam/egg Omusubazu which has spam, lettuce, egg, mayonnaise, rice and wrapped in nori, but Spam Musubi is the best seller.

Spam Musubi and Spam/Egg Omusubazu

Spam/Egg Omusubazu

Spam Musubi


Spam Musubi is a sushi with Spam on top and wrapped with Nori.  We are all familiar with california maki, futomaki, nigiri sushi, etc. Spam Musubi is a nigiri sushi which has a hand formed rice with a topping.

Spam Musubi is a very convenient food- to- go. You can have it for breakfast, lunch or any time of the day.  I enjoyed the food so much that I just had to learn how to make it. There is this Japanese grocery inside the International Market in Waikiki where you can watch the Japanese locals prepare the musubi. It was fun watching them make the different kinds of musubi.

With the popularity of the spam musubi in Hawaii, you can buy a musubi kit which includes the spam slicer, musubi maker and the musubi sauce.  My brother bought me the slicer and maker and I bought the musubi sauce. You can use though the Spam can in making the musubi. As for the sauce, you can make one yourself; it is a mixture of soy sauce and sugar the measurement is up to you whether you like it more sweet, salty. A recipe suggested that you mix equal amounts and adjust to taste. I suggest not to use the local soy sauce because it is too salty. I was able to buy an asian soy sauce in a local supermarket which is quite similar to the taste of shoyu (that is what they call soy sauce in Hawaii).

Musubi Maker and Spam Slicer

Here is how I make the Spam Musubi straight for the Spam Musubi masters in Hawaii! 🙂

1 can Spam
cooked Japanese rice
pcs of nori, cut into thick strips
musubi sauce (soy sauce with sugar)

1.  Wash and cook the Japanese rice.

2.  Slice the Spam into 10 equal sizes. Fry them until they are a bit brown, but not tough or dry. Set aside.

3.  Pour a few spoonfuls of the musubi sauce over the fried spam. Let the spam absorb the musubi sauce.

4. While the rice is still hot, assemble the musubi:

– put the nori strip under the musubi moulder/maker, spoon rice inside the moulder and press it down with the moulder presser. Make sure that the rice is pressed well so that it will hold when eaten. Remove rice from the moulder. Place a slice of the cooked spam on top and wrap the nori around the spam sealing the nori with a dab of water.

– wrap the spam musubi with cling wrap plastic.

– do the same for the rest of the Spam.

And there you have it, your own Spam Musubi! I bet your family and anyone who gets to taste them will enjoy it! ♡

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